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Holland Rhine Group is a global company, recognized by global supply chains of raw materials, and it has large import and export markets for steel product. Holland Rhine Group is also an active and important board member in many associations and institutions, such as World Steel Association, World Freight Association, and World mining association. Every year, Holland Rhine Group is invited to participate in annual conference. 
Holland Rhine Group acts as the focal point for the steel industry, providing one of global leaderships on all major strategic issues affecting the steel industry, particularly focusing on economic, environmental and social sustainability. The aim of all members is to promote raw steel transportation and the steel industry to steelmakers and general customers. Holland Rhine Group, who acts as one important role, joins with other core member companies to develop the market for steel. We hope to promote an accident-fee working environment for steel industry and business.

Holland Rhine Group is also a core board member in World Freight Association and World Mines Institution. Each year all members meet at the annual conference which has proven to be a perfect occasion transport networking and partnership among all companies. Rhine Mineral keeps a spirit of cooperation and union. In this way, it creates many new businesses for all members. 

It is obvious to see therefore is structurally sound, with good future demand outlook. Why Holland Rhine Group actively participate in associations with full enthusiastic? There is still growing awareness of new challenge to be addressed together. And Holland Rhine Group can confident to say that we will overcome those obstacles working together. The main driver for the challenges in the future is to be found in current changes in the global economic landscape. So, we need cooperation.
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