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The prices of properties in  The Netherlands has been constantly increasing  in the past years, in 2016 the demand rose in 16.1%,  this increment is expected to continue in the years to come.

Holland Rhine Group have the qualification and the capacity to assist and offer the investors, Enterprise and individuals from China with All-round strategy support. For instance, Holland Rhine Group can help investors to live, work, assess education program, purchasing properties and cars and start-up business in the Netherlands. Besides, Holland Rhine Group can also help investors from China to purchase Properties and entrust us to operate the properties, therefore, the investors do not have to worry about language and Legal barriers. Thus, Holland Rhine Group assist Enterprise from China to release excess capacity to the Netherlands, in order to hedging the risks of assets shrink that comes with the depreciation of RMB Currency.

Holland Rhine Group  brings  the Dutch market closer to China, by offering alternatives of investment for expand your business or facilitating the process of renting a property. The main interest of Holland Rhine Group is provide profitable and long term alternatives  within a secure environment . Our staff are ready to give you a personalized and high quality service, that will lead you to  a change of a better life style.

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