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With passion for our products we comply with all European food safety regulations. In 
fact our proud sets the bar way higher, as only top notch quality and taste suffices.

Best ingredients
Our supplier selects the ingredients of the beer come from local farmers that have as
much love for their craft as we have for ours. The care for their crops is rewarded with
the finest selection of ingredients that nature has to offer. A special kind of hop adds
the right flavor, aroma and bitterness to the beer. Knowing that the best ingredients
possible are selected, the flavors of all ingredients are mingled into a fine work of art.



Our company observes the EU Food Safety and Hygiene standards strictly during the
production of our product from fermentation to brewery.

In accordance with the international 
practice, top fermentation has been adopted for
brewing beer production, which is using 
pure draft beer that directly split charged from
fermentation cylinders without filtration.

Because it was produced without high temperature pasteurization and the original fresh

taste has been completely reserved, it will necessarily produce sediments that contain
nutrients (yeast and high quality lactobacillus).There will be turbidity showed on color,
which is normal.

Owning to the reason that the beer retains the amino acids, proteins and
healthy trace
elements that had produced during the production process, and active live 
yeast (the
sediments) is one of them that help with enhancing the digestion and absorption

function of human body and maintained the original taste of the beer at the same time.  
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