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With the improvement of living standard, people gradually pay more attention on the 
healthy diet in their daily life. Accordingly, manufacturing dairy goods has become a 
booming industry nowadays. Rhine Mineral Trading (RMT) owns a variety of farms 
in the Netherlands, and offer clients the fresh milk resources with premium quality. 
The cattle on the farms are raised under the ecologically-friendly environment, so 
that the dairy products which are derived from the milk resources are by no means 


The logistics distribution of dairy products is on the same page with international level, 
and there are advanced technologies and equipment for the dairy production. As a result, 
RMT is capable of supplying with adequate dairy products rapidly in long term. The dairy
production of our company ranges over many aspects, including fresh milk, long-life milk, 
yogurt with diverse flavor, cheese as well as cheese cream. If you have any questions 
or interests regarding to our products, please contact us. We are looking forward to your 

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